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All kinds of yarn to serve you with a wide range of products. Product Range, Nylon, Cotton, Polyester, Lycra, Rosso, Monofilament, Regenerated, Gipe, Pattern Yarn, Rubber.

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AFA İPLİK, to provide quality service to its customers and is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

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100% product guarantee

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Nylon Yarns

Our range of products

Raw semi-dull, bright mouss and colorful muss raw yarns

20 denier, 40 denier, 70 denier, 90 denier and multiples

Monofilament Yarn

Our range of products

Nylon Monofilament;

20 denier semi-matte, 20 denier bright

Semi-matte and polyester monofilament;

10 denier, 15 denier, 20 denier, 30 denier, 40 denier, 45 denier, 50 denier

Lycra (Elastan)

Our range of products

Nylon Elastan (Centering Gipe) White, Black and Color

Polyester Elastan (Centering Gipe) White, Black

Spandex (Elastan) 10 denier to 840 denier up.

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Elastan Yarn

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Elastan Yarn

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Elastan Yarn